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Updated Crime Map for Los Angeles
ADT sued in class action for deceptive business practices
Checklist: Choosing a home security system
Advisory Message from the LAPD: Leaving town for the holidays?? Please read these burglary prevention tips before your trip! December 17, 2013
Redneck Security System [WE DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!]


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Vacation-Time Home Security

Vacation-time home security  THE PROVINCE MAY 21, 2011 
There is more to home security when leaving on vacation than simply locking the front door.The experts at Weiser locks and security suggest homeowners follow the following top 10 ways to make their property safe during the upcoming summer holidays.- Leave a car parked in the driveway to give the appearance someone is home.- Keep your home well lit. Good exterior lighting around your perimeter creates a psychological barrier.

IP (Internet Protocal) vesus Analog CCTV Cameras

by Tim Troxel
IP and offers very few benefits over analog and in most cases is more expensive and offer lower performance compared to analog cameras and DVR's. 

5 myths regarding IP VS Analog 

Reduce wiring 
*IP does not reduce wiring compared to analog even when using POE as analog with the use of baluns can transmit both video and power over cat 5 making them just as affective as POE . Some baluns even achieve distance up to 2km for transmission and unlike IP do not require specific equipment such as POE routers and cameras.

Help LAFD Catch Arsonist / Burglar

Please watch the youtube videos, there are four surveillance camera vids showing an arson and burglary suspect. See if you can identify the suspect and call the Los Angeles Fire Department Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section at (213) 485-6095.

Canon to Introduce First IP Megapixel Cameras at ISC West

5 quick tips for proper alarm use

1. Your alarm is not a replacement for calling 9-1-1
1. Only use a panic or robbery button when you can't call 9-1-1. When you believe you need a police officer to respond your alarm system is not a replacement for calling 9-1-1. Pushing a panic button when you think you heard a prowler will be a much lower priority call than if you called the police directly. The panic button should be used when you can not make that call.
Know how to cancel a false alarm
2.If your alarm goes off don't leave until you've spoken to your alarm company.

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NEWSFLASH - Local Alarm Company Operator Has License Revoked

Buyer Beware
A local alarm company has engaged in misconduct and underperforming and criminal activity with multiple cases involving disciplinary action by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. The company is based in the San Fernando Valley.
The link to the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, under License Status see "REVOKED"

Los Angeles Times Crime Map

Link to Los Angeles Times Crime Map
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Special Offers

We are now offering a home alarm system for $99 installed.
The Package includes:
  • a control panel
  • LED Keypad
  • 2 door contacts
  • a motion detector
  • 1 wireless remote
  • a siren and door chime
  • battery back-up
  • 4 window decals
  • a yard sign
The system comes with a lifetime warranty.
Monitoring at $35.99 and a 36 Month Monitoring Agreement.
$25 activation fee due when the installation is complete.
You must be a home owner or condominium owner and meet the minimum credit requirements.
This offer requires a home telephone with dial tone (wireless monitoring is available at additional cost).
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